You’ve stumbled upon the place where all my untamed prose lives. My stories, essays, and excerpts can all be found here. All things that I’m either not yet ready to try to publish or that…ahem, I don’t think will ever be suitable for publication. Happy reading.

Latest Additions

Chapter 7: A “Happening” in Ravenclaw Tower

“Do you really think Teddy shall remain friends with us,” Dipesh began, “even after going over to Gryffindor?” “Who’s to say we shall even desire his acquaintanceship?” Xenophilius retorted, bunching up his robe so that the extra fabric did not cause him to stumble over Hogwarts’ great marble stairs. “Cool it, Xen,” Nigel said. “I…

On to Los Angeles

A little sample from a new project I’m working on about a misanthropic comedian.

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