I’m Miles Reding, and I write stories and do other things.

A student of history once occupied this body of mine. He got his Bachelor’s, his Master’s, was on his way to a PhD, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, he called it quits. Sometime in December 2019, this body set him free, so he drifted into the freezing waters of Lake Michigan, and who knows where he is now. Then a new host, or personality if you like, came to occupy this body. It wasn’t immediately clear what this new personality wanted to do, but after a while it became apparent that he wanted to find bridges linking the creative to the epistemic, the artistic to the scientific, the political to the spiritual, and so on.

Ever since then, me and this curious new host have day by day been working to construct a vessel capable of transporting the inner depths of my mind and memories to the farthest reaches of the universe. This daily bricolage is sometimes recorded on this site.